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About us

We provide major PMC Services on Joint Ventures basis for the last 30 years.

NCB is a leading Management Consultancy, Industrial Training & Career Development, Technical information services related to Engineering Standards, Parts Management, Data Analytics, Regulatory data related to Environment, Health & Safety and an ICT system integration services company in Kuwait.

NCB is a prominent company in Kuwait that offers a range of comprehensive services. As a leading management consultancy, we assist businesses with various aspects of their operations. With a solid reputation built over three decades, NCB has established itself as a major provider of project management consultancy (PMC) services.

We provide major PMC services on Joint Ventures basis for the last 30 years to Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Utilities Sector.

Our quality e-Learning Courses, as well as being a single source of technical information in Kuwait from Standard Developing Organizations like ASTM, API, S&P Global are the key characteristic of our service offerings.

NCB is an associate of DAN Holding Group company –

We are…
A company built on quality & a team with exceptional minds and outstanding abilities
We deliver…
A service with meticulous project management
We execute…
All our activities with emphasis on protecting the environment and preventing pollution. We implement these policies in combination with the environmental requirements of our customers and in accordance with the applicable local EPA regulations

Unleashing Global Expertise

International Principals Powering Diverse Sectors in Kuwait

Our major international Principals are from U.S.A., EUROPE, ITALY, KOREA and INDIA covering the consulting & technical information services in the Energy (Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals), Academics, Aviation, Construction, Utilities (Power & Water), Ports, ICT (IT & Communications), Security & Defense sectors of Kuwait.

Our expertise covers a wide range of sectors. With a focus on excellence, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sector. Our collaboration with renowned Principals ensures that we deliver the highest quality services to drive success in Kuwait’s key industries.;

Powering Industries

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in PMC services in the Energy, Telecom, Ports, Security & ICT sector as a main source for Technical information services, Vocational Training & eLearning and Smart Technologies in Kuwait.


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    Driving Success through Expertise and Innovation

    Unleashing Excellence, Transforming Industries: Your Trusted Partner in PMC Services and Knowledge Solutions