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NCB’s service offerings are characterized by their high quality e-Learning courses and being a single source of technical information in Kuwait from renowned Standard Developing Organizations like ASTM, API, S&P Global.

As an international management and technology consultancy, NCB leverages its roots in telecommunications and ICT expertise to support clients in their digital transformation journeys. They utilize technical content and AI technologies to provide engineers and technical professionals with answers from a vast dataset of technical knowledge.

NCB’s e-Learning courses cater to various industries, including Oil & Gas, Academics, Aviation, Construction, Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S), Security, IT & Communications, HR, Banking & Finance, Public Works, Labs & Utilities. These courses offer job-oriented short-term and long-term training programs to meet industry-specific needs.

NCB places a strong emphasis on protecting the environment and preventing pollution. We implement robust policies and align them with the environmental requirements of our customers. Our activities adhere to applicable local EPA regulations, ensuring responsible and sustainable practices.

NCB is recognized as a single largest source of technical information services in Kuwait. We collaborate with esteemed Standard Developing Organizations like ASTM, API, S&P Global to provide accurate and up-to-date technical information. Our commitment to quality ensures that clients have access to reliable information for their engineering and technical needs.

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