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Your Leading Management Consultancy, Industrial Training & Career Development Partner. We offer cutting-edge Technical Information Services and expert ICT Systems Integration in Kuwait & GCC.

NCB is a leading Management Consultancy, Industrial Training & Career Development , Technical information services provider and an ICT systems integrator services company in Kuwait & GCC. Our quality vocational training 150 courses per annum and proficiency testing programs are very innovative.


A leading Petroleum Training & Career Development (T&CD) partner for national manpower development.


NCB is a leading Management Consultancy, Industrial Training & Career Development, Technical Information Services provider and an ICT Systems Integration services company in Kuwait & GCC. We know it's a challenge to manage change & transfer knowledge to new hires, but NCB ensures to close information gaps, expert’s performance and assign learning plans for you. NCB provides real life training experience through immediate access for practical hands-on training convenient to the organizations in Arabic and English languages for oilfield technical and non-technical personnel. NCB Training methodologies along with competency and assessment program will serve as an introduction to the petroleum industry and will greatly assist those who need to progress to a detailed knowledge of the energy industry in State of Kuwait.


  1. NCB carries out roughly 150 training programs annually, whether as internal contractual programs or open programs which are organized by NCB in the Gulf, Arab and foreign countries.
  2. The lists of administrative and financial programs carried out by NCB include 270 programs.
  3. The lists of technical and engineering programs carried out by the Bureau include more than 500 programs.
  4. NCB trains engineers in the companies of Kuwaiti Petroleum Corporation to use technical information, specifications, and measurements.
  5. NCB re-designs the mentioned training programs in order to suit the training needs of ministries, associations, and companies, in case they are contracted as contractual internal programs in the date they specify.

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